The seat of the chair locks into position either side of the toilet bowl or at the back of it which gives extra safety and security when in use. This ensures people remain safe while using them even if they happen to fall out of bed onto it. A lid is usually provided with most models although some are open for added convenience, especially if the user needs to stand up quickly.

An adult bedside potty chair with a removable pot is much easier to empty and keep clean than one that has bags fitted over the side of it as they are usually large enough for adults without being too cumbersome or heavy to lift when full or having to cope with both hands.

They usually have either a lid which is secured with clasps or an open top which can be sealed using tightly rolled tissues, cling film or even plastic shopping bags.

The waste container should be emptied regularly and rinsed once empty to keep it hygienic and clean for the next use. Although they are not provided with any when they are initially purchased, bedside potty chairs for adults may be fitted with lids or covers which can be secured in place to help reduce odours and the spread of bacteria.

How Often Should Bedside Potty Chairs for Adults be Moved?

Bedside potty chairs for adults should often be moved depending on whether they are being used or not, by men or women. Potty chairs that are put next to a bed should be moved regularly to avoid accidents and for this reason it is important to purchase one with handles so it can be lifted easily without straining the back.

Those who spend most of their time sitting in a chair because of illness or general disability may need to move their chair more often, especially if it is next to a bed or in another room. A potty with wheels will be much easier to push around so the person can use it wherever they choose when needed. Read reviews of the bedside potty chairs for adults here.

How Do Bedside Potty Chairs for Adults Compare?

1. Drive Medical Portable Toilet Seat Riser

This bedside inflatable potty chair for adults has a soft, comfortable seat with handles for extra support and is ideal for those who are not able to stand up or walk very far. It can be used as a transportable toilet rather than one that needs to be fixed into the floor making it much easier to clean when not in use.

It is inflated using the supplied pump which is included in the pack and has a strong, stable base for added support when in use or when deflating it to store away. It inflates up to 25cm which makes it suitable for most people even if they have restricted mobility or cannot stand up at all.


Lightweight and portable, heavy-duty construction with a strong base for extra support when in use, inflates up to 25cm and easily cleaned. Cons: More suitable for children than adults which is reflected in the price and may not be suitable for very tall people or those over 6ft 3in (190cm).